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"Eppur si muove!"

With a dazzling speed! The world of information and communication technology is moving fast due to the development of blockchain technology, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. It is now possible to deploy and distribute smart contracts and applications on the blockchain. This injection of AI into this super world computer will change our lives and the way we do business profoundly. We are now at a stage similar to that of the internet just before the invention of HTML and CSS. Our experts will help you create a smart contract or Dapp of your own. Or let us consult you on the upcoming changes, challenges and opportunities in your sector in general and your business in particular.

The future of digital contracts, distributed applications,
value exchange and more

Now you can make it happen: our expert team will build what you dream of creating it on the blockchain! Your business could be enhanced by operating on a cryptographically secure, decentralized, tamper-proof network! The new technology is here, but will it impact on your business? Well, without us knowing who you are reading this right now, we are confident it will.

Most likely industries and sectors that will be affected by blockchain

Industry Sector
Finance Banking, Portfolio Management, Insurance, Real Estate
Health Hospitals and Health Care Centers, Medical Doctors
Politics Back to Democracy and the right to be forgotten
Music & Art Copyrights of artists registered on the blockchain can easily be found by users
Energy With the IoT upcoming, optimizing use of energy will become more feasible

The DappDevelopment team has the perfect combination of skills!

Our people have years of experience in different areas necessary to provide business solutions. Our thorough knowledge and experience in several sectors of the industry as well as years of experience in software development in general, and blockchain smart contracts in particular, will enable us to provide a solution for your business.


We do business! That is, we have extensive experience in doing businesses ranging from managing start-ups to consulting mature businesses.


We code! That is, we develop applications for the blockchain. The majority of our people are senior and junior developers having worked in different industries.


We understand blockchain. We have been developing distributed applications for a number of years, first in Solidity (Ethereum) and later in Chaincode (Hyperledger).